Having broken through on the legendary Rugged Vinyl label in the early months of 1997, the space age sound mechanics of Torgeir Byrnes tore through a plethora of drum & bass luminaries including Juice, Audio Couture and Creative Source before finally settling at Paul Arnold’s Certificate 18 imprint for his debut solo album Black Science Labs. The longplayer brought a further taste of off world dysfunction with bleak electronic soundscapes explored by robotic beat probes, precisely engineered at Byrnes’ studio in his hometown of Bergen on the west coast of Norway. In the early months of 2001, Teebee established the Subtitles label with fellow Norwegian Kjetil Saagstad. Coming complete with solemn graphics and unusual track titles, the basslines of the Teebee produced debut “Gathering”, drifted like smoke thrown up from a swirling percussive dervish with heavily reverbed key sequences underpinning Photek-like beat touches. The label has continued to outmaneuver its contemporaries, Byrnes focusing towards the floor as Saagstad provided the abstraction. Though his second album for Certificate 18, Through The Eye Of A Scorpion, proved virtually indistinguishable from his debut – his expertise in contrasting eerie orchestration with heavily reverbed melodic tones which twists amongst crisp rhythmic architecture attracted yet more followers to his sound. ~ Kingsley Marshall, All Music Guide



Over the last decade, South London-based Larry Cons has amassed a vast discography on the Drum & Bass scene’s most respected labels. Whilst his releases date back to the start of 1998, his history as an accomplished musician dates back to early childhood. Having studied 5 instruments from a young age, Larry has worked on projects and bands in several genres, perhaps most prominently as a guitarist in numerous Jazz and Funk bands, including his own eight-piece outfit ‘Octane’. Whilst the home for most of his music has been the legendary Moving Shadow imprint, he has also had an array of highly-acclaimed releases on Metalheadz, V Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Subtitles, Violence Recs, Audio Couture, ill.skillz Recs, Intercom, Rugged Vinyl, as well as two of his own labels, Thunderous Audio (co-owned with Kontrol) and Momentum Music (co-owned with TeeBee). The debut Calyx album on Moving Shadow; ‘No Turning Back’ was hailed by many as the highlight of 2005. Featuring 6 solo tracks, 4 collaborations (with TeeBee, Gridlok, and ill.skillz), and remixes by Dom & Roland and Hive & Gridlok (remixing together for the first time!), every track gained massive DJ support and the album was in such high demand that three represses had to be made in the first 6 months following its release. Given Larry’s well-established reputation and strengths as a DJ, it’s not suprising that the release of the album was followed by a deluge of bookings for an album world tour that continued for the rest 2005; two U.S. tours, two Australian tours, and countless European dates ensured that the Calyx sound spread far and wide.

2007 proved to be a phenomenal year with the launch of a new label from Calyx & TeeBee, marking its first release with not just a 12’ or an E.P., but with an entire album of Calyx & TeeBee collaborations released on 4-piece Vinyl and CD. The Anatomy LP topped sales charts for weeks on end and was followed by a massive album World Tour of back-to-back Calyx & TeeBee sets.

Calyx & TeeBee are now working on their second collaborative album – an LP which will see them branch into new genres with one half of the LP being DnB and the other half comprising a wide range of styles. Expect a vinyl triple-pack of 6 DnB cuts, and all 20 tracks released on double-CD and mp3.

In addition to their ventures into new styles of music, Calyx & TeeBee have been pushing for more of their joint sets to feature 6 decks and 2 mixers, with both DJ’s in action simultaneously. They first performed with this setup at a legendary event in Moscow, October 2007. Since then they have made over 30 performances on 6 to 8 decks and 2 mixers. With each gig they have discovered more permutations, possibilities and ideas whilst developing an understanding that generates both spontaneous and choreographed moments. Calyx and TeeBee find it by far the most exciting, enjoyable and expressive way they have ever performed and are now looking to make every joint booking feature this setup. Rest assured, you will never have heard or seen a DnB performance like it!

Words by Alex Burton

Ulterior Motive


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Ulterior Motive are the hotly-tipped duo lighting up dancefloors worldwide in 2010 and look set to make their mark with releases across Subtitles, Critical and Metalheadz.

Their own unique brand of high-tech basslines, neck-snapping beats and low- slung funk has earned them regular DJ support from the likes of Teebee, dBridge, Ed Rush & Optical, Friction, Fabio & Grooverider and Hype and a steadily- growing reputation as one of the exciting DJ/production partnerships in drum & bass.

James Davidson and Greg Hepworth joined forces in 2003 when they discovered a mutual passion for the kind of funky, technical and futuristic drum & bass pioneered by Ed Rush & Optical in the late-90s. Taking this as inspiration, they worked hard to forge a sound of their own by combining custom hand-built studio kit with modern production techniques before tentatively reaching out with early demos. The response was immediate and Ulterior Motive tracks have since become a staple for the very best selectors in the scene.

Teebee was one of the first to recognise their talent, snapping up ‘Infrasonic b/w Holding On to Never’ for Ulterior Motive’s debut single on Subtitles. Summer 2010 brings two further 12”s, ‘Featherweight b/w Glued’ and ‘2098 b/w Yoghurt Brainwave’, with both singles getting heavy rotation right across the board from Noisia, DJ Marky, Marcus Intalex, Alix Perez, Loxy, Calyx, Commix, Break, Icicle and Kasra to name but a few.

One of the standout tracks of 2009’s Sun & Bass Festival, ‘Featherweight’ put the duo firmly on the map and has been punching holes through speakers worldwide ever since. Built on crisp breaks, cheeky percussion and a classic hip-hop hook, the certified dancefloor-smasher showcases their signature funky sound and delivers a downright dirty bassline sure to test any system.

Combining an open-minded creative approach with the technical skills and drive to bring their ideas to life, Ulterior Motive have already collaborated with the likes of Jubei, Rockwell, Zero T, Sabre and FD among others. Demonstrating attention to detail, quality control and a strong work ethic, the versatile producers have their sights firmly set on the top with offers from leading labels and some high profile remix work in the pipeline.

Appearances for top label nights Renegade Hardware and Ram and festivals including Sun & Bass and Secret Garden Party have proved both members of Ulterior Motive to be highly-capable DJs in their own right. Look out for live sets across the UK and Europe as Ulterior Motive look set to build on their successes and keep their sound fresh.

Zero T


Zero T started out way back in 1998 as a fresh faced youngster at Dublin’s now legendary Bassbin Night, supporting the likes of Ed Rush, Matrix, Fierce etc… In late 99 just as Zero vynil debut was dropping on Bassbin001 the mighty 4 Hero snapped up some tracks that he and new cohort Beta 2 had done. This lead to an EP and a 12″ on Reinforced, the daddy of all DnB labels and not a bad start at all! Soon Zero and Beta2 were getting to meet the likes of Klute,Fabio, Total Science,Goldie, Digital, Bailey, Flight, Storm , Doc Scott and so 2001 there was releases coming thick and fast on labels like Subtitles , Commercial Suicide , Function and Advanced. Along with establishing themselves as ‘the Irish Guys’ in DNB land, a certain Dominic Martin aka Calibre had been helping them out all along the way. Zero and Calibre met before his 1st LP was done through mutual friends and kept in touch all the while. This has since led to many colaborations with the little genius, notably the Waterfall 12″ on Signature which was a big hit in 06. Fwd to 2007 and Zero T relocates to London, working closely with Bryan G and Jumping Jack Frost’s V Recordings Camp, Artificial Intelligence’s Integral Records and starts an LP for Total Science’s CIA imprint.The Resulting LP “Cheap Shots” is releases in June 08 to positive reviews across the board. Heavily featured is Dublin Vocalist Steo , his falsetto tones gracing the Single 12″ WALK AWAY. Other contributors included Alix Perez, MC Conrad, Icicle, Bailey and Riya (then called “Ell”) After touring extensively right through to early 09, Zero is now plotting his next steps includings releases on Subtitles, Shogun Audio, Good Looking, Liquid V, Integral amongst others. Remixes of 93 Techno classic Positive Education by Slam , up and coming Bands One eskimO and All Thieves and is launchin his own label at the end of the year….hold tight for more on that one!!! DISCOGRAPHY:



Over the past 7 years Germany‘s Drum & Bass Producers Phace themselves have proven their prominent role in the scene with a plethora of outstanding releases on the scenes biggest labels such as Renegade Hardware, Subtitles Music, Virus Recordings, Vision, Lifted, Cyanide etc., but also with being known for their impulsive and precise DJ performances.

Being voted as best national Drum & Bass Producer and DJ already in 2006 at Germany’s very own Drum & Bass Future-Music Awards, the boys early proved true of what they are capable of doing inside the studio. They invented a fresh, deep, energetic and individual sound to the scene and with that set the path for many newskool producers to follow. They literally got propelled across the globe and through all of the DnB scene‘s media.

With their successfull debut Album „Psycho“ released in 2007 (voted Album of the month in UK..s Mixmag Magazine) on Teebee‘s Subtitles Music Imprint, they and their music has gained steady support by international top acts like Andy C, Pendulum, Friction, Goldie, Ed Rush & Optical, Chase & Status, Noisia, Spor etc.

As DJ’s, the Hamburg located artists have internationally stormed through all of the world’s major DnB locations, clubs and festivals. Their constant touring over all of the past years has taken them to metropolises like London, Los Angeles, Singapore, Auckland, Sydney, Moscow, Berlin, Toronto, Barcelona, St. Petersburg, Paris etc.

Handled as one of the freshest and technically most gifted German and international Drum & Bass producers of the current and last years, they joined forces with fellow producer countryman Misanthrop and finally launched their own and long awaited Label NEOSIGNAL end of 2008.

With putting up Neosignal Label Nights across many cities, just finishing a massive remix for UK‘s indie band Hadouken! and having already four successful single releases in the Neosignal catalogue, their second Album in collaboration with Misanthrop is set to be released in February 2010. Phace are ready to launch their personal Phase II and they do not even consider to rest and continue their mission to spread cutting edge electronic music with its distinctive Phace groove and underground charachter. – source ‘Mixmag’



Sounding from England and at just 22 years of age, Spor has quickly risen to the forefront edge of Drum & Bass production.

After being introduced to Drum & Bass through a friend around four years ago, Jon began experimenting with software to create his own music. His friend Codex took interest and before long they were producing as ‘Final Reckoning’, skipping off school to work on tracks, with early influence coming from artists such as Hive, Ram Trilogy and Bad Company.

This alias saw a lot of early progress and development take place, and soon differencing Universities meant that distance & time was an issue and Final Reckoning found it to hard to collaborate.

Jon took on his solo moniker ‘Spor’, a tag name derived from a combination of one of the first folders of samples he obtained, entitled ‘Spore Tactics’, and a favourite piece of artwork by a friend (see Graffiti outlining eventually meant he would drop the ‘e’ to leave a more balanced arrangement.

Spor saw a debut release on the ‘Damaged Minds’ imprint, after friend and early mentor Murphy introduced him to Damage. This was a huge incentive to pursue harder, and soon Spor had attracted further attention. After being headhunted by Chris Renegade, he landing himself an exclusive deal with one of Drum & Bass’ most prestigious labels Renegade Hardware, and leading-edge label Barcode. This opened up DJ opportunities, and after playing his first ever set at London’s ‘The End Club’, Spor has continued to play across the globe – source ‘’



NOISIA (who took their name from the word ‘VISION’ inverted on an upside down VHS tape) are Nik Roos, Thijs de Vlieger and Martijn van Sonderen, hailing from the Netherlands. Influenced by an eclectic range of artists, from The Prodigy to James Brown, Miles Davis to Konflict, Noisia make music for DJs and dance-floors that is interesting enough to cross over from the clubs to your MP3 player.

2005 saw Noisia establish their own label, Vision Recordings to put out their drum&bass productions and collaborations and retain creative control of their music. Nik designs almost all of the artwork for the releases on their labels, and the guys love the challenges and rewards that come with running a label. Vision Recording’s biggest releases to date have been ‘The Tide’, ‘Exodus’ Feat. KRS One and ‘Stigma’. In 2007 they established Division, a non-D&B label for electro, breaks and house.

Over the past few years, accolades for Noisia have included ‘Best Producers’ at the Dutch D&B Awards in 2006 and 2007, Knowledge Mag Top 20 Tunes of the Decade 2000 – 2009: No 4 with ‘The Tide’, ‘Best Tech DJ’ in the UK National D&B Awards in 2009 and ‘Best Drum&Bass Artist’ on Beatport.

The guys have worked with, and remixed a number of artists, with notable tracks including, ‘Alice’ by Moby, ‘Omen’ by The Prodigy and more recently, Foreign Beggars, Amon Tobin with whom they have collaborated on their forthcoming debut album and Hadouken whose entire new record ‘For The Masses’ is produced by Noisia.

Their DJ schedule is tiring even to look at, they have played in major cities all over the world, from Sydney to Moscow, Tokyo to Berlin and have DJ’d in some of the world’s biggest clubs. Their track ‘Groundhog’ is featured twice on DJ Hero, a game which has been an international success, ‘Stigma’ was used on the game Gran Turismo and ‘Machine Gun’, the first single off the new album, features in the game WipeOut.

2010 is an exciting year for Noisia, they start a new imprint called Invisible which will cater for deeper and more experimental drum&bass releases, produced by themselves and other artists and sees the release of their debut album ‘Split The Atom’ which features a wide variety of styles and genres from electro to drum&bass. 2010 will also be the year Noisia explore the LIVE direction of their music, challenge themselves and push their musical style whilst continuing to make the ‘bangers’ they are known and loved for!



After initially surfacing on Hopa & Bones’s A-Level imprint in ’96, Kjetil Sagstad, aka K, has notched up an impressive tally of releases on several labels, developing a trademark sound to match. Metamorphosing into one of the leading lights in the world of beats and progressive drum n bass, K’s skills as a producer have left others across the board standing out in the cold, earning him comparisons to Carl Craig in terms of scope, quality and vision.

Originally from Bergen, on the West Coast of Norway, K was baptized by the local rave scene (albeit a very small one) and intense early breakbeat and techno. He quit school to pursue a sonic education, and started on a career path that would see him influence the scene that so clearly touched him in the first place. After his Dad nicked his gear off him as penance for his non-orthodox scholarly aspirations, K used his mate Teebee’s PC to make tunes. After developing contact with Moving Shadow and Rugged Vinyl, K released Jazzassins ‘Compass’ for R&S Records in 1997.

Releases followed on Beatservice and Moving Shadow, his track was snapped up by the likes of Gilles Peterson, Amon Tobin, Matrix, Laurent Garnier and Fabio, and highlighted the direction of Polar’s venture into glacial soundscapes and haunting programming. The mini LP ’37 Degrees and Falling’ followed, with the influence of K’s home environment of Norway ever present in his sound, and planting him firmly on the musical map with intense atmospherics and powerful beat arrangements. Singles ‘Mind Of A Killer’, ‘Skydiver’, and ’5am’, released throughout 2000, illustrated the irrevocable, irreversible slide back from the thaw, heading into numbing yet taut K-hole serenity. 2001 saw the release of the acclaimed ‘Still Moving’ album, achieving support and recognition from a wide spectrum of scenes, not just from within drum n bass.

The ‘White Chambers’ EP was released in December ’01: this was three cuts of deep, downtempo electronica. Moody, emotional and brooding – like a film noir soundtrack infused with hip hop and drum’n'bass – the tracks were lifted from the CD version of ‘Still Moving’ and created waves throughout the electronic world, with Polar being hailed as “Kruder & Dorfmeister on an iceberg” (Seven Magazine). It also featured a remix by Ian Simmons aka Journeyman.

In 2002, K relocated to San Francisco while working on his 3rd solo album ‘Out of the Blue’. Tragically this would be his last for the next 6 years due to a hearing injury. That same year also saw Polar releases on Metaformal, Breakbeat science, Thermal Recordings, Fenetik, FAT! and his own label Subtitles Music, founded together with childhood friend Dj Teebee.

K is suffering from reduced hearing, Hyperacusis and Tinnitus as a result of a hearing injury he originally got in 1999. In 2002 it took an unexpected turn for the worse, and he was left unable to spend any time in the studio. He left the administration of Subtitles to partner Teebee in 2003, and disappeared from the drum & bass scene.- source’ Wikipedia’



Acquiring a love for the breakbeat through jazz and funk records, Break took to the drums at a young age, learning piano along the way and taking to the turntables at the age of fourteen.

A talented musician with a wide range of influences, Break looks to push the barriers in whatever he’s doing. Crisp breaks, heavy bass and strong melody are stable marks of his productions making him a firm favourite with a variety of the scenes top DJs.

Break hooked up with the DNAudio crew back in 2001 after meeting Squire through mutual friends. Since then he has played an important role in the label’s expansion, working closely with Silent Witness in developing a fresh & devastating new sound.
DJ A-Sides was quick to sign Break’s debut, Cocktail for the ‘East Side Jamz 2’ LP and wasted no time releasing his first solo twelve, ‘Sticky Situation’, the ‘Breakout EP’ and a string of other singles.

His partnership with Silent Witness lead to releases on No U Turn and since then Break hasn’t looked back. As one of the most prolific producers in the scene, long hours in the studio have lead to outings on East Side, Fuze, Commercial Suicide, Quarantine, Critical, Invaderz, Explicit, Subtitles, Metalheadz, Levitated, Shadow Law and DNAudio; all building on Break’s reputation as one of the drum & bass’ hottest new talents. – LiquidDNB



Audio’s first experience with electronic music was in the Early 90′s with the Colin Dale and Colin Favour radio shows on Kiss 100. He was instantly hooked, and when, a few years later, the classic “Wormhole” LP on Virus recordings was released, there was no turning back and he embraced the underground family that we know and love as, Drum and Bass. Inspired to start Djing, non-stop record buying and mixing followed, and he was soon playing at local illegal raves around London. Production was the next logical step for him, experimenting with various pieces of hardware over the next few years. After a chance meeting, Audio was handed a CD with the programs Acid 1.0 and Reason 1.0, and from that moment things dramatically changed. soon afer he began releasing tracks and getting a buzz around him, From this Audio became the main produder behind Resonant Evil and went on to have releases on Renegade Hardware, G2 , Outbreak and Moving Shadow, this also lead to many opportunities DJing across Europe. Moving to present day,Audio has joined Dylan’s fiendish family and has become a member of the Freak / Anger Management & Therapy Sessions cult and has been concentrating purely on his solo material,bringing His own special brand of twisted techy darkness that has been consistently demolishing dance floors all over the UK and Europe! With some of the most highly anticipated releases scheduled for Freak Recordings, released now is the monster 12″Freak 021 “Warehouse”/”Destroyed” one of the biggest singles of the year,forthcoming is his debut EP ” Designed For War” (Freak026ep) he recently just released a track on Subtitles “Missing”a remix of Tech Itch & Jakes “Retribution”, and a remix of BSE’s “The Cooler” Recently he collaborated on a killer with Dylan, more info on that coming soon..big things! Audio is currently dj’ing all over europe and is a resident at the infamous “Therapy Sessions” parties worldwide, it is hopeless to resist this Bad Seed! – taken from Facebook page



That every cause has an effect is common knowledge. For Optiv, Stuart and Mark, the cause is drum & bass, and their effect is both indelible and undeniable. Known collectively as Cause 4 Concern, the crew came together back at the start of 1999, when Optiv was affiliated with Aspect Records, and Stuart and Mark were working for Vinyl Distribution.

A testament to their talent, it took only a few short months of collaborative creation before they scored their first signing – and not just to any old label – but the massive and seminal Moving Shadow. At the time they were known as nCode, but by July they had become Cause 4 Concern and started their own imprint label. The first 12” dropped that December, and secured the support of DJs Doc Scott, Fierce and Grooverider, amongst many others. Releases on respected labels Tru Playaz, Renegade Hardware, Moving Shadow and Timeless Recordings were to follow, and left little doubt that this was one crew to keep an eye on. Promoters right across the planet couldn’t help but pay attention, and consequently there aren’t many places C4C haven’t performed.

Such was the success of Cause4Concern Recordings that 2001 saw the launch of sister label C4C Limited. Intended as an outlet for experimental tracks and remixes of previous C4C releases by other established artists, the imprint has so far seen input from producers Stakka & Skynet, Teebee, Matrix, Fierce and Rymetyme. By the end of the year, C4C had been nominated in the ‘Best Newcomers’ category of the Knowledge Magazine Drum & Bass Awards. Impressing their peers as well as the press, demand for their product increased, resulting in releases on renowned labels BC Presents, Metro, Quarantine and Virus. This well deserved exposure expedited their inevitable ascent through the ranks of the Drum & Bass scene.

Aside from being an integral part of Cause4Concern, Optiv had also built up a large selection of solo releases and in 2003 started his own imprint label ‘Redlight Records’ . The label was very well received from the start and has included collaborations and remixes from the likes of Black Sun Empire, Concord Dawn, The Upbeats, Bulletproof, Mayhem, Psidream, Chris Su, Dose & Axiom. Redlight continues to grow strong as a label and the next offering on the label is a collaboration with MC Rymetyme called ‘Run It Red’.

Recently reformed after a few years of inactivity, 2009 sees Cause 4 Concern return to wreak havoc with their first full length album. Spread over five separate 12”s to be followed by a double CD, Pandemic picks up right where the lads left off – the leading edge of electronic music. All of the elements that made them one of the most exciting and entertaining production posses in drum ‘n’ bass remain intact, and are both refined and reinforced.

Infection is imminent. Prepare for the Pandemic.

Read more:



Hailing from Brazil, Vinicius Honorio aka BTK is proving to be one of the most exciting DJs and producers on the electronic music scene, having already built an impressive back catalogue of releases.

BTK got involved in the electronic music scene around 1999 and fell in love with drum and bass right away. Soon, he started DJing and made his first attempts in music production and his dedication led him to get releases on a few main drum and bass labels such as Renegade Hardware and Virus Recordings.

As a producer, he‘s got releases which includes tracks on the legendary label Renegade Hardware and co-production on the forthcoming DJ Ink’s album project, The Last Scroll. Save Me, which is a collaboration with S.P.Y got picked up by C.I.A. Records, a forthcoming solo 12‘‘ on Dylan‘s Freak Recordings and a collaboration 12“ with Optiv (C4C) on Teebee‘s Subtitles demonstrates how well received his sound is right now.

Nowadays BTK is getting massive support from the biggest names in the scene such as Andy C, DJ Marky, Ink, Dom & Roland, Ed Rush & Optical, Raiden, The Upbeats, Audio and an unbelievable amount of labels wanting his tracks. A decade has passed and now playing sets all over the world, BTK keeps getting more and more people surprised by his skills and track selection, providing a tight mix full of dancefloor smashers. ”

Hailing from Brazil, Vinicius Honorio aka BTK is proving to be one of the most exciting DJs and producers on the electronic music scene, having already built an impressive back catalogue of releases. BTK got involved in the electronic music scene around 1999 and fell in love with drum and bass right away. Soon, he started DJing and made his first attempts in music production and his dedication led him to get releases on a few main drum and bass labels such as Renegade Hardware and Virus Recordings.

As a producer, he‘s got releases which includes tracks on the legendary label Renegade Hardware and co-production on the forthcoming DJ Ink’s album project, The Last Scroll. Save Me, which is a collaboration with S.P.Y got picked up by C.I.A. Records, a forthcoming solo 12‘‘ on Dylan‘s Freak Recordings and a collaboration 12“ with Optiv (C4C) on Teebee‘s Subtitles demonstrates how well received his sound is right now.

Nowadays BTK is getting massive support from the biggest names in the scene such as Andy C, DJ Marky, Ink, Dom & Roland, Ed Rush & Optical, Raiden, The Upbeats, Audio and an unbelievable amount of labels wanting his tracks.

A decade has passed and now playing sets all over the world, BTK keeps getting more and more people surprised by his skills and track selection, providing a tight mix full of dancefloor smashers. “



Emerging from relative obscurity, Dutch producer ‘Lenzman’ is fast making waves in the Drum & Bass world with his deep and soulful take on this underground genre. Influenced by Hiphop, Soul, Jazz and life in general, Lenzman’s music combines the organic grooves of yesteryears with the energy and forward thinking attitude of Drum & Bass music.

Since his first signings on the rapidly expanding Spearhead Records, Lenzman has feverishly been developing his sound. This led to his late 2008 / early 2009 releases: “Ever So Slightly” (on Integral), “Emeralds” (on Shogun Ltd) and his remix of Total Science classic “Soul Patrol” (on C.I.A.). These tracks have received widespread support, in clubs – from the scene’s most influential deejays – to daytime radio in the UK, and cemented his name as one of the fastest rising stars in this Drum & Bass thing.

With well-received gigs in Asia and throughout Europe, Lenzman’s deejaying has begun taking off as well. A deejay long before he took up production, it’s not surprising that his schedule has become, and will continue to become busier.

Recently Lenzman has stepped things up a notch, signing new music to respected labels such as Metalheadz, 31 Records, Shogun Ltd, Integral, C.I.A. and Subtitles. As well as working more with talented vocalists such as Jo-s and Riya, Lenzman also has collaborations in the pipeline with Lynx, Spy, Random Movement and there are even whispers of an album project.

The future is looking brighter and brighter for this rising star…



Chris.SU is one of the commanding producers and DJs of the Hungarian scene, among others he has helped to put his country on the map of drum and bass. Since his breaktrough track “Astro-Sine”, released on Trace’s label DSCI4 in 2002, his tunes have been in rotation from drum and bass’ finest djs. He’s also been voted as best producer and best DJ of the year multiple times by the readers of Impulsecreator (

Chris’ musical career started early, as a cellist he had classical musical training since the age of 7. He began producing electronic music in 1996 in various genres such as hardcore techno, breakbeat and house. His first drum and bass 12″ has been released in 2000 on Hungarian based Subscope records (“Time Warp” b/w “Angel”).

Rousing on his success as a producer, in 2001 he bought a pair of decks and a mixer and he started DJing. Since then he already had gigs in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and numerous European countries. His DJ sets are known of combining the various subgenres of d’n’b and presenting it with good mixing technique.

Besides his solo material Chris has made various collaborations with Concord Dawn, Ill.Skillz, Black Sun Empire and SKC, including tracks like Desert Siege/Crash (Commercial Suicide), What’s Happening (Hospital Records) and more.

He is also involved in a project called Tactile consisting of five people, Chris.SU, SKC, Longman, Bratwa and Safair. After their successful debut album SUPER SYSTEM they decided to launch their own imprint Tactile Vinyl.

2011 will be a big year for Chris.SU as his debut solo album F.A.T.E. LP is about to drop on Subtitles UK.



Gergely Sasvári aka Mindscape, is one of the major producers hailing from the thriving hungarian drum and bass scene, homeland of producers like Chris.SU, SKC, or Jade.

He achieved his first success as a member of the electronic band ’Random Soundz’, performing live at several major events. In 2003 he founded the Mindscape trio, that a couple of years later became his solo project.

First picked up by Trace, Mindscape soon became a worldwide known artist, getting signed to labels such as Teebee’s Subtitles, or Klute’s Commercial Suicide. 2007 saw his debut album called ’Black Lotus’ on Citrus Recordings, featuring heavyweight dancefloor smashers like the title track ’Black Lotus’ with Jade, or „Planet X” with featuring the legandary Rymetyme. The Lp took him to the next level, his energic, yet deep and minimal DJ sets were causing disturbance all over Europe, and Australia.

2010 looks even brighter for Mindscape, he just delivered his 2nd Commercial Suicide release, this time 4 massive tunes on an EP, the diverse and mindblowing „Collaboration EP” on Subtitles, and also looking at a single 12” at the classic Virus Recordings. While working on his 2nd album, he has also found time for other projects, such as collabs with Gridlok, Chris.SU, and Jade.

During his rich years in the scene he made quite an impact, he worked with, remixed, and got remixed by such illustrious artists as Noisia, Break, State of Mind, Bulletproof, or Vicious Circle.

Beyound doubt, by 2010 he become an unavoidable force in the international drum and bass scene.