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Data Transmission review – subtitlesuk002

Introducing production duo á la mode, Ulterior Motive. Recently snapped up by Teebee’s revamped Subititles UK imprint…

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Everyday Junglist review – subtitlesuk002

The ulterior motive boys are the most hyped producers in d&b at the moment with their unique twist on the late 90′s & early 00′s neuro sound….

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Coming Soon – Ulterior Motive: ’2098′ / ‘Yogurt Brainwave’ – (subtitlesuk002)

Ulterior Motive: ’2098′ / ‘Yogurt Brainwave’ SUBTITLESUK002 released 28th June 2010 on 12” & mp3 Ulterior Motive take you back to the future with ‘2098’, recalling pre-millennial tension with sci-fi atmospherics, genetically modified breaks and a bionic bassline straight out of the golden era of drum & bass. DJ support from the likes of Noisia, [...]

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