Coming Soon – Ulterior Motive: ’2098′ / ‘Yogurt Brainwave’ – (subtitlesuk002)

Ulterior Motive: ’2098′ / ‘Yogurt Brainwave’

SUBTITLESUK002 released 28th June 2010 on 12” & mp3

Ulterior Motive take you back to the future with ‘2098’, recalling pre-millennial tension with sci-fi atmospherics, genetically modified breaks and a bionic bassline straight out of the golden era of drum & bass. DJ support from the likes of Noisia, Ed Rush & Optical, Alix Perez, Jubei, Total Science, Commix and Break proves they’re doing it right. ‘Yoghurt Brainwave’ sees the UM boys swapping their trademark synths for full-fat funk bass and hinting there’s a heck of a lot more in their locker.

Ed Rush “Gonna be playing 2098 for an age, doing some serious damage worldwide. More tunes like this please!”

dBridge ” I wondered how long it would be for someone to come along and re-ignite the flame left to fade by others”

SP:MC “Optical left the gate open and these boys are coming right on through”

Jubei ” These guys are like the Marty McFly & Doc Emmett Browm of drum and bass right now, bringing that funk back. As Ulterior Motive build momentum, we all wait with great anticipation”

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Format: 12″ Vinyl / Download

Artist: Ulterior Motive

Title: 2098 / Yogurt Brainwave

Barcode: 5055317206084

Price: TBA

Release Date: 28th June 2010

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